Mainstreaming is moving!

Mainstream genetic testing in patients with cancer is performed through the patient’s own oncology team during their existing oncology appointments, with support as required from a genetic service.1

The learning module developed for clinicians in 2019 by the Mainstreaming Working Group for the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia (COSA) Familial Cancer Special Interest Group is under review.

A new and updated suite of learning modules and point of care tool to support clinicians will be available soon at eviQ Education: Cancer Education for Health Professionals!

The new module is being developed by the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia and Human Genetics Society of Australasia joint Cancer Genetics Special Interest Group (COSA/HGSA Cancer SIG) who can be contacted through the HGSA Secretariat

1.Rahman N. Clin Med 2014;14:436-439.